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in the Czech Republic; (iv) the level of heterogeneity of skills among Czech teachers is at the international average overall, but there has been a sharp increase in the heterogeneity of reading and ICT literacy among the younger generation of teachers. That increase is very high and incomparable with that observed in other countries. The heterogeneity of intellectual skills within the Czech teaching profession as a whole remains at average level thanks to a rather high share of older teachers among whom skill heterogeneity is low. The heterogeneity of skills among Czech teachers will thus likely rise in the near future, as the share of not-so- heterogenic teachers who entered the profession prior to 1989 falls. • The increase of heterogeneity among teachers, if it translates into heterogeneity in the quality of their teaching work, leads to growth in the heterogeneity of the education that children in various classes, schools and regions obtain. If the growth of heterogeneity in reading literacy among the younger generation of Czech teachers will be confirmed by additional research, this should lead to a reassessment of the tools of selection into the teaching profession, to changes in teacher training, and to a marked increase in their relative pay, which is currently very low. 4 

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