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Příloha: Oborové listy

Seznam oborových listů (křížové odkazy)

A                                   Chemistry, Analytical                 E                                  F
Acoustics                           Chemistry, Applied                    Ecology                            Family Studies
Agricultural Economics and Policy   Chemistry, Inorganic and Nuclear      Economics                          Fisheries
Agricultural Engineering            Chemistry, Medicinal                  Education and Educational          Food Science and Technology
Agriculture, Dairy and Animal       Chemistry, Multidisciplinary                                             Forestry
                                    Chemistry, Organic                      Research                         G
  Science                           Chemistry, Physical                   Education, Scientific Disciplines  Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Agriculture, Multidisciplinary      Clinical Neurology                    Education, Special                 Genetics and Heredity
Agronomy                            Communication                         Electrochemistry                   Geochemistry and Geophysics
Allergy                             Computer Science, Artificial          Emergency Medicine                 Geography
Anatomy and Morphology                                                    Endocrinology and Metabolism       Geography, Physical
Andrology                             Intelligence                        Energy and Fuels                   Geology
Anesthesiology                      Computer Science, Cybernetics         Engineering, Aerospace             Geosciences, Multidisciplinary
Anthropology                        Computer Science, Hardware and        Engineering, Biomedical            Geriatrics and Gerontology
Area Studies                                                              Engineering, Chemical              Gerontology
Astronomy and Astrophysics            Architecture                        Engineering, Civil                 H
Audiology and Speech Language       Computer Science, Information         Engineering, Electrical and        Health Care Sciences and Services
                                                                                                             Health Policy and Services
  Pathology                           Systems                               Electronic                       Hematology
Automation and Control Systems      Computer Science, Interdisciplinary   Engineering, Environmental         History
B                                                                         Engineering, Geological            History and Philosophy of Science
Behavioral Sciences                   Applications                        Engineering, Industrial            History of Social Sciences
Biochemical Research Methods        Computer Science, Software            Engineering, Manufacturing         Horticulture
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                                        Engineering, Marine                Hospitality, Leisure Sport and
Biodiversity Conservation             Engineering                         Engineering, Mechanical
Biology                             Computer Science, Theory and          Engineering, Multidisciplinary       Tourism
Biophysics                                                                Engineering, Ocean                 I
Biotechnology and Applied             Methods                             Engineering, Petroleum             Imaging Science and Photographic
                                    Construction and Building             Entomology
  Microbiology                                                            Environmental Sciences               Technology
Business                              Technology                          Environmental Studies              Immunology
Business, Finance                   Criminology and Penology              Ergonomics                         Industrial Relations and Labor
C                                   Critical Care Medicine                Ethics                             Infectious Diseases
Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems  Crystallography                       Ethnic Studies                     Information Science and Library
Cell and Tissue Engineering         Cultural Studies                      Evolutionary Biology
Cell Biology                        D                                                                          Science
                                    Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Medicine
                                    Developmental Biology
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