Page 6 - IDEA Studie 03 2023 Vyvoj postoju k uprchlikum z Ukrajiny
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VÝVOJ POSTOJŮ ČESKÉ VEŘEJNOSTI K VÁLEČNÝM UPRCHLÍKŮM Z UKRAJINY IDEA 2023  or who find themselves in difficult circumstances. People who have had first hand contact with Ukrainians living in the Czech Republic, on the other hand, usually express greater solidarity and are more often supportive of welcoming refugees. • People’s subjective interpretations of the geopolitical events are also a key factor: respondents who are convinced that the war was caused by unprovoked Russian aggression are far more accommodating towards Ukrainians, agree with refugee intake more often, and perceive those already in their country as better integrated. Media depictions of war-related topics and the types of news sources the respondents follow also play a key role here. • Although the Czechs are wary of foreigners coming into the Czech Republic and tend to perceive them as a threat, their first hand experience of interaction with foreigners is predominantly positive. 4 

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