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PUBLIKAČNÍ VÝKONNOST PANELISTŮ GRANTOVÉ AGENTURY ČR (2019–2021) IDEA 2022                                                              Study 11/2022 The Publication Performance of the Czech Science Foundation Panel Members (2019–2021)2 SEPTEMBER 2022 MATĚJ BAJGAR Summary • The aim of this research has been to find out to what extent the scientific results of the members of the Czech Science Foundation (GA ČR) evaluation panels confirm their erudition for evaluating GA ČR Standard Project proposals. • One of the principal goals of GA ČR is to „provide financial support in research and development for research projects in basic research with a high potential for achieving world class results“. The GA ČR evaluation panels play a key role in identifying such projects. They assess the quality of submitted projects, draft evaluation reports and prepare recommendations for discipline committees. Each panel comprises approximately 10 scientists working in a given field. In order for the panels to succeed in their mission, their members need to be able to identify projects with a high potential. It can be expected that scientists are better placed to recognize excellent research if they have themselves undertaken research projects at such level. • Using bibliometric tools, we have analysed the share of panelists who served in GA ČR evaluation panels in years 2019–2021 whose publication performance during the preceding decade was substantially lower than the publication performance of lead researchers of projects that these panels evaluated and that ended up being supported. We show results separately for each of 3 alternative measures of publication performance: i) the qualitatively highest group of scientific journals (e.g. the top decile) where a researcher has published an article, ii) the number of publications in the top two quartiles of scientific journals in terms of their influence and iii) the total number of citations received by the researcher’s publications. 2 This study represents the author’s own views and not the official position of the Czech Academy of Sciences’ Economics Institute nor the Charles University Centre for Economic Research and Graduate Education (CERGE). An earlier draft of this study has been shared with the GA ČR Presidium. I would like to thank Martin Srholec for invaluable advice and comments throughout the process of preparing the study. I would also like to thank Taras Hrendash, Štěpán Jurajda, Dan Münich and members of the Presidium and the staff of GA ČR for their help and useful suggestions. I would like to thank the Czech Science Foundation for providing additional data for this project. The study was produced with support from the Czech Academy of Sciences as part of its Center for Research, Development and Innovation Analysis programme (RaDIAC). All remaining omissions and errors are my own.    3 

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