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PUBLIKAČNÍ VÝKONNOST PANELISTŮ GRANTOVÉ AGENTURY ČR (2019–2021) IDEA 2022  • The main findings of the study are the following: o In most panels, the publication performance of panelists matches that of the lead researchers on supported projects, and in many panels it is even exceeds it. o The share of panelists with inadequate publication productivity is low to negligible in most panels. Fewer than a quarter of members of an average panel are characterised by a publication productivity substantially inferior to that of above-average lead researchers. o In some panels, however, the share of members with inadequate publication productivity is high enough to potentially influence the recommendations issued by the panel as a whole. This is the case in about a third of all panels; the share of members with an inadequated publication productivity exceeds 30% in these panels. o A higher share of panelists with publication performance substantially below that of lead researchers is observed particuarly in social and technical fields. These fields lag behind other research areas in the Czech Republic also in terms of the overall publication performance. o Even in the fields where a high share of panelists have inadequate publication performance, there are many scientists with sufficiently high publication performance who have never been members of a GA ČR panel. On average, these fields include several dozens scientists whose publication performance is comparable to that of lead researchers on supported projects. • Our findings lead to the following recommendations: 1. In the case of panels characterised by a high share of members with inadequate publication performance, the relevant bodies within GA ČR should put a stronger emphasis on the publication performance of the nominated scientists during the selection procedure, and they should try to attract more nominations of excellent researchers. 2. The top scientists in all fields, and particularly the fields with a higher share of panelists with inadequate publication performance, who have never served on GA ČR panels should consider joining a panel. The situation in their respective fields is unlikely to improve without their help. 3. The relative scientific quality of panels could be increased be a stronger participation of researchers based outside Czechia. These changes would be particularly valuable in fields characterised by a lack of sufficiently qualified potential panelists within the Czech Republic. This could be facilitated, in particular, by simplifying the nomination procedure. A more extensive use of English as a working language and support to online participation from abroad could also be helpful in this regard. 4 

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