International Workshop on Labor Market Challenges

Prague, May 29, 2019 International Workshop

Labor Market Challenges in Times of Globalization, Technological, and Demographic Change

Technological progress, especially recent changes through automation and digitalization, international trade, and demographic developments have far-reaching consequences for the way we work and study. In a one-day workshop, we want to discuss the challenges to the labor market and the educational and vocational system in a globalized and digitalized world facing demographic change and migration. The special focus lies on how these developments affect firms and workers (e.g., employment, skill demand and supply, task requirements, wages, working conditions, and workload). Moreover, we want to examine the political sphere, and draw conclusions which policies are effective to foster the benefits and limit the negative consequences for the society. We invite researchers to submit empirical and theoretical contributions on this topic from all areas of economics and social sciences.

Keynote Speaker:

Jan Svejnar, Columbia University

Scientific Committee:

Uwe Blien (University of Bamberg and IAB), Linda Borrs (University of Bamberg and IAB), Veronika Hecht (IAB), Michael Moritz (IAB), and Daniel Münich (CERGE-EI)

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