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13. 11. 2018 The Future of Automation and Its Implications for Educational Systems

Keynote speaker: Harry A. Patrinos | World Bank Group, Manager, Education

Comments and Czech Reflection: Daniel Münich | IDEA at CERGE-EI

The threat of automation implies a race between education and technology. In most developing countries, educational systems are not providing workers with the skills necessary to compete in today’s job markets. The growing mismatch between skills demand and supply holds economic growth back and undermines opportunities. At the same time, the returns to education are high in most developing countries, and growing skill premiums are evident in much of the world. Automation simultaneously results in deskilling and imposes a need for new skills, and is changing what education will need to look like in the future.

The video with the public lecture and Czech reflection is accessible in full screen including the interactive ppt presentation. To open the video in a new larger window, please click on the white link on the youtube video  SlidesLive |The Future of Automation ...



Following discussion with the participants of the event is accessible in a youtube video format:

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